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It’s been a busy holiday season for the ABC Family, BUT this is also quite an appropriate time to take a moment or two to reflect… 2016 has been an incredible year of success, growth and excitement for ABC and we realize we couldn’t do any of it without our invaluable partners!

So amidst the myriad of projects we are cranking out for our awesome clients, we wanted to make sure to take some time to show our appreciation for those who trust us with all of their creative marketing needs. As with every project we deliver, though, the ABC Christmas gifts had to be fun, cool, bright, creative, ahead-of-trend and super premium!

So we called up our friend Kate Weiser, the Dallas-based connoisseur of all things chocolate and art, for a collab.

Kate Weiser Chocolates are “where chocolate meets art”. Upon seeing [and tasting] Kate's prolific bon bons and candy bars, we knew they were a perfect and tasty representation of the creative flare that ABC brings to every project, as well as the standard of excellence and innovation we use to guide us.

Check out the #superofficial chocolate package that Santa and his elves delivered this season.