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... to the East Side! Where we finally got a piece of the pie!

Our founding artist, Barton Damer, had been searching for exactly the right studio spot for some time... He always loved the idea of ABC's office having an art gallery + sneaker boutique vibe. He envisioned hunkering down in a historic store front so that people could walk by and peer into the windows at the digital artwork being created on the team's computer screens. Barton was also looking for a place with a vintage ambience that he could renovate to fit ABC's innovative nature. The thought process: that the contrast between the established, traditional town and ABC's fresh, forward-thinking body of work would make for a really fun and dynamic office atmosphere.

After three years of quietly searching, the Damer family purchased a 2,800 square foot historic building in a quaint historic district out of which Already Been Chewed now operates. Barton re-designed the space, transforming it from a women's clothing boutique, hair salon and AVON store into a #SuperOfficial industrial studio with an artistic flare. Barton hand-painted every brick in the front room with multiple layers of paint to try to match the original architecture of the building. ABC's friend and mural artist, Hatziel, hammered out another masterpiece that welcomes visitors into the back room where they will find an open kitchen, employee lounge and conference room. Plus, ABC boasts more power than ever and is able to render out major projects in-house with our new PCs.

While much of our work is web-based since we serve clients across the globe on any given day, it's a wonderful new chapter for ABC to have a place to call "home"... a space where we can be inspired and invigorated as we serve up new ideas that are guaranteed hot!

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