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Originally Already Been Chewed was formed as the name of my creative blog back in 2008. I used to post everything from inspiration to design tips. By 2010, the blog was seeing up to 16,000+ unique visitors on any given month. I launched out on my own to form what has now become a full service design and motiion graphics studio under that name.

Thankfully, business was booming and blogging was fading. By 2011, I shut the blog down in order to focus on growing the business beyond myself and handling the demand for incoming work.

Today we employ 6 people and work with a variety of contractors as needed. (There will be more about this great team in upcoming posts).

My goal for the ABC blog moving forward is to give insight into recent work and have conversations that social media does not allow for with those who are following. I'd love to hear from you and look forward to posting more about the company, our work, process and even failures that might help others.

Talk soon.

Below you can see the original email I sent to a good friend of mine when I was designing the very first Already Been Chewed website back in 2008. Ironically, it was at 12:22am at night which is basically the exact same time at night, 7 years later that I'm relaunching the blog.

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