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Already Been Chewed adds the secret sauce to this classic dish

THE SAUCE: CG visuals for LEXUS GX550

already-been-chewed-vlcsnap-2023-12-20-11h22m49s357 (1).jpg


Already Been Chewed worked with Sweat Pants media on the release of the Lexus GX550, bringing their world renowned "secret sauce" to the campaign. 3D animation allowed them to create visually stunning and innovative representations of the vehicle, showcasing its sleek design and advanced features in a dynamic and engaging manner. The studio's creative approach blended technology with artistic flair, resulting in a presentation that not only highlighted the elegance and performance of the Lexus GX550 but also resonated with a modern audience. This collaboration exemplified how art and technology can merge to create a compelling narrative, elevating the brand's identity and leaving a lasting impression on viewers.

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